At Upgrade Recruitment we recognise that all of our Clients are different so we ensure that we provide individual solutions to your recruitment needs.

  • We have a large database of candidates, many of whom are registered exclusively with Upgrade Recruitment.
  • We invest time in gaining a thorough understanding of your business and its requirements.
  • We always meet with you to ensure that we have a comprehensive understanding of the culture and structure of your organisation.
  • We recognise that each of our Clients is unique and we work to your brief.
  • We offer expert knowledge and experience of an ever changing market.
  • We can assist you with up to date salary surveys and role definitions.

Our professionalism is underpinned by a culture that combines high technology with a people-centred approach which ensures a fast, efficient and accurate service.

Our Investors in People culture ensures that we have the continuity and foundations to enable us to build long term working relationships with our clients.

Client Promise

1. We will assign one consultant to manage your complete recruitment process.

2. We will meet with you prior to commencing work on your behalf in order to gain a thorough understanding of your business and recruitment needs.

3. We will agree a minimum of two further service meetings per year to assess our performance and your future needs.

4. A written agreement will be provided between Upgrade and your company defining our service levels.

5. Upgrade Recruitment will agree a recruitment plan for each vacancy and we will adhere to your job specification and specific wishes at all times.

6. Candidates CV's will be forwarded to you within 36 hours of receiving a recruitment brief.

7. A maximum of 5 candidates CV's will be forwarded to any one requirement.

8. All candidates forwarded for a position will have undergone full interview, pre-screening and testing with a consultant.

9. No candidate CV's will be forwarded to you without their permission.

10. Only candidates suited to a position will be forwarded, if we are unable to help you we will advise you.

"We ask you how you want us to work for you and then we do it"

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